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Understanding Responsive Web Design and How it works?

Do you remember about the website version that usually gets shrunk on your mobile phone? Earlier, the websites that have been made for desktops we’re not giving optimal experience for mobile phones.

But do you think that in a recent scenario, a website made only for the desktop will workout for your online business? In my opinion, it is not possible at all. Do you think it will work?

Even Google made changes in its search engine algorithm, and one of the reasons to rank the website if and only if the website is mobile-friendly.

Now you might be thinking about what is mobile-friendliness and how it works. Stay calm, in this article, you will get answers to all of your questions.

In layman language, you have to understand that your website needs to be user-friendly on a mobile phone along with desktop friendliness. If you don’t put the effort in such a direction then maybe it affects your sales and leads. On average, you can say your 40% of customers will move to your other competitors.

Due to advancements in technology, you might face severe competition since the preference of consumers to use search engines has transformed from desktops to mobiles. So, if you still do not have a website that is not responsive to mobiles, then it is time to consult with a reliable web design company Jalandhar.

Reasons why you need a responsive website design.

Compatible design

When it comes to providing a flawless user-experience to the customers looking for products and services online, you need a compatible website that can run uninterruptedly on different devices. Whether customers use a browser on the screen of PC or mobile, they can ensure to have proper navigation that can help them to view content, images, and videos appropriately. When your website is optimized with smartphone, laptop, desktop, or tablet it will certainly bring the best outcomes for your business. 

Fast access

In the modern hectic life, every individual would prefer to use a website that has seamless functionality to run on various platforms at the same time. As you know that the use of mobiles has been increasing day by day for online shopping, so your website must give access to consumers for relevant information effortlessly. It must also be optimized to enable them to complete the purchase process without any glitches. With the help of a professional website designing company in Jalandhar, you can certainly achieve such web pages that will give fast access to users and increase engagement. It will also eradicate the need to have a different mobile-version website for your business. 

Effective branding

Increased use of internet through mobile devices has raised the need of developing responsive web designs. As a small business owner, you must acknowledge having such design to ensure effective branding for your business. These days, use of mobile phones is trending as people operate social media applications, Gmail, and LinkedIn, etc. considerably. So, you can reach mobile users faster to establish effective branding. Get your website optimized from the best SEO Company Jalandhar and reach maximum audience to run promotional campaigns. 

Boost conversions and sales

There is no doubt to mention that consistency, functionality, and high performance of a website can boost sales and conversion rates. So, when you have a business blog that is seamlessly functional on smartphones of users, it will surely bring conversions. It facilitates the users to grab required products and services by using a pocketed device. So, if your website is fully responsive to mobiles then nothing can stop you to make your sales skyrocketed. 

Better SEO ranking

You might not know that Google has announced recently that websites that are not compatible with mobile devices will not get ranking. Google is the biggest search engine in the world and it is estimated that 87 percent of searches are made through it. So, you can think that how much your business has to suffer if you do not have a responsive website. So, you need to keep it on priority to get one from a responsive website designer in Jalandhar. It will not only prevent your website from getting penalized by Google but will also get a secure and stable position in the search engine results pages. 

Hassle-free link building

Link building is an important factor to consider for making a website useful and result-oriented for a business. It is a process to get backlinks to a website from other platforms. Having different versions for a single website will make such a process highly difficult that cannot make it effective in the long run. But, when you have a responsive design then you can prevent it from such hassle because local SEO services Jalandhar can easily optimize it for link building.   

Establish brand loyalty

Gaining brand loyalty is vital to keep running a business successfully. But, it can only be attained when the users of your website are happy and contented with your services. Easy access to your products and services, fast navigation and loading, truthful and visual content are the determining factors that can play a vital role to establish a brand loyalty. So, if you have all these on a single website then you will surely take your business to another level of success by retaining potential buyers for your online store.


Overall you can say that Responsive Web Design is an essential metric of digital marketing and is recommended by Google as well. Using a responsive website your visitors will get a good user experience, no matter which user screen they are using. So, you have to opt for such a strategy while thinking to have a website.

I hope the above-mentioned information is quite useful for you and it adds to your knowledge. We are waiting for your valuable comments. Please like and share the blog if found good enough!!! 

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